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Census 2018

Every year the Scout Association undertakes a census to collect statistical information regarding its membership.  The Census is based on 31 January 2018.  All the information is anonymised.  The census aims to identify the following key information:
The number of
•    Beaver Scouts
•    Cub Scouts
•    Scouts
•    Explorer Scouts (including Young Leaders)
•    Scout Network
•    Adult Leaders
•    Commissioners
•    Adult supporters
•    Executive members

We also wish to identify the ethnicity and additional needs of our members who are prepared to share this information.  This information is particularly important for 2018 as it will help create a base line from which we can measure some of the key objectives from the Scout Association’s strategic development plane, Scouting Beyond 2018.

Other information we are aiming to capture is the number of the top awards gained by our youth members.  These awards include:

•    Chief Scouts Awards
•    Queens Scout Award
•    Young Leader Award
•    Duke of Edinburgh Awards
•    Explorer Belt

A number of resources have been produced to help complete and approve the census.  These can be downloaded below

•    Census Guidance
•    Approvers Guide
•    Census FAQ’s

There is also some parent information which can be used to help ask for ethnicity and additional needs.

•    Parents Letter
•    Ethnicity and Additional Needs form

The Census can be found using this Census Login link.

Census Webinars
Three webinars have been run in support of the Census. You can view a video recording of the presentation and download a PDF of the presentation of the presentation made on Thursday 11 January. There is the full webinar, the first half presentation giving information and tips (approx. 44 minutes) and the second half showing how the census website itself works (approx. 20 minutes). Questions that were raised during the webinar have also been compiled into a Q&A document.

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