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Community impact

What is A Million Hands?
For over a hundred years we have promised to help other people. A Million Hands is about mobilising half a million Scouts to support four big social issues chosen by young people and build long term relationships in communities. Imagine what we could achieved if we rallied behind the same causes.
•    Improving the lives of those affected by dementia with Alzheimer’s Society
•    Improving the lives of those disabled by society with Leonard Cheshire Disability and Guide Dogs
•    Improving mental wellbeing and resilience with Mind
•    Ensuring everyone, everywhere has access to clean water and sanitation with WaterAid   

The Canal & River Trust are supporting us to use land and waterways to make change on the above social issues. Appropriate organisations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are assisting us to ensure there is a UK wide reach. Please don’t contact partners until we have released the resources in late July so that partners have capacity to offer support.

Register your interest for A Million Hands

Resources launching in July

Downloadable resources and a dedicated website will launch this July. Register now and you'll be the first to get access. Hundreds of activities will support us through the Community Impact Staged Activity Badge and give the ability to connect with local volunteers from our national partners. The next issue of Get Active in Scouting magazine provides a taste of these new resources and activities that you can undertake through A Million Hands.

What is Scout Community Week?
Saturday 3 to Sunday 11 October and is the starter gun for A Million Hands.
Young people can:
  1. Pick their issue: Use resource pack activities to pick an issue they wish to take action on during their regular programme night.
  2. Identify Need: Picked your issue already? Use the resource pack activities to help explore the issue and invite a national partner local speaker to a regular programme night. Avoid engaging with partners without using the resources.
  3. Plan or Take Action: Explored their chosen issue? Plan or actually take action during Scout Community Week.

Community Impact Staged Activity Badge
Get involved in A Million Hands and Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers can complete requirements for the Community Impact Staged Activity Badge. You have started that journey by registering your interest; look out for further details in July, with resources to help get you started.

Planning your programme
When you plan your 2015/16 programme, look at ways you can incorporate A Million Hands. Here’s an example of how you could run a programme during the next year; 
•    July - download the Welcome to A Million Hands resource and register the number of young people who will support. Each young person will receive a free wristband if you register before 25 September.
•    September - run the Welcome to A Million Hands introduction activities during a programme evening so your young people can pick their issue.
•    October - Scout Community Week - download your issue based resource pack and run the Identify Need activities during a programme evening. Invite a partner local volunteer to your programme evening.
•    November - Use the resource pack to run Plan Action activities during a programme evening.
•    January - April – Work with the resource pack to support your young people to begin to Take Action during a programme night or special event.
•    May – Support your young people to Learn and Do More using the resource pack activities during a programme night or special event.
•    June - Celebrate what young people have achieved using the Tell the World activities during a programme night or special event.
•    July – Award the appropriate Community Impact Staged Activity Award.

Have you made progress?
We're keen to hear how plans for community impact are progressing. You've taken the first step by expressing an interest. Have you set aside time in your autumn programme? How will you help your young members choose an issue? Contact us and tell us about your progress or for help on how to take those first steps.

Register your interest below to be kept up to date with news and developments.
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A Million Hands - registration of interest

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