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Here you will find links to the new badge requirements, we hope to bring you ideas related to some of these badges over the coming months.

Membership Badges

The Membership Award shows that a member of the Scout Network has made their promise.

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Chief Scout's Award and Queen's Scout Award

In the Scout Network there are three main awards:

more about Chief Scout's Award and Queen's Scout Award...

Explorer Belt

The Explorer Belt is the challenge of a lifetime, which is open to Explorer Scouts aged over 16 and members of the Scout Network. It is a chance to take part in a ten-day expedition that brings a real understanding of a different country, its people and way of life.

The Explorer belt is sometimes described as 'the antidote to the package holiday'. It is designed to help young people develop a real understanding of another country by travelling through that country, completing surprise projects, working as a small team and meeting local people.

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Group Awards

Additionally there are three awards to be completed in association with other Sections of local Groups.

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Position of badges on Uniform

Want to know where to put your Badges, this diagram shows you where to place them on your Uniform.

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