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Colony visits and holidays abroad

It is not expected that Beaver Scouts will normally take part in travel abroad during their time in the Colony, however, there may be occasions where this is appropriate. A well organised visit or holiday may enable him/her to experience at first hand some of the international aspects of the Movement.

When planning a trip serious consideration must be given to the objectives of the visit and the practicalities for the Beaver Scouts. This activity is optional and the Balanced Programme must be taken into consideration when planning a visit abroad.
Rules for Beaver Scouts Rule 9.64 Visits Abroad

Beaver Scouts who go on visits abroad must be under the supervision and control of their parent(s)/carer(s) or a responsible adult nominated by them.
The nominated adult(s) takes responsibility for the young person and must not be a member of the leadership team. A parent/carer permission form must be completed beforehand.
The leadership team for a Beaver Scout visit abroad must adhere to Rule 3.7g and in addition include another appointed leader.

A One Day Colony Visit Abroad

A Beaver Scout visit abroad is defined as one of a day's duration that does not include a night away abroad. A day visit abroad could be included as part of a longer Family Camp in the United Kingdom.

Leaders considering a visit abroad should have relevant experience of international trips with similar age groups. It is recommended that the leaders carry out a reconnaissance to establish the facilities available on the ferry/plane/train and to explore programme opportunities in the port/rail terminus and its immediate environment. The programme could include a visit to a local market, lunch in a cafe, a museum visit and a visit to a local playground or park. 

Family Colony Holidays Abroad

A family Colony holiday abroad will be more than 24 hours duration and will include at least one night abroad.
As well as holding a Nights Away Permit, it is expected that a Leader organising a Colony holiday abroad will have held a number of Colony nights away experiences within the United Kingdom. It is an advantage if the Beaver Scouts have attended a Colony residential experience or family camp within the UK.

Guidance and Advice

At the earliest stage, leaders should consider the advantages and disadvantages of a Colony visit or holiday abroad and it is hoped that the following notes will assist the discussion.
If you’re thinking of going abroad please contact your local ACCI or equivalent or the International team at international@scouts.org.uk for your Visits abroad pack which needs to be completed prior to your travels.


Unity's Overseas Travel Insurance policy is available for 24, 48 and 96 hours. In addition cover is available for longer periods. Details are available from Unity on 0845 0945 703 or their website www.scoutinsurance.co.uk. An application form and policy details will be in your Visits Abroad folder.


A report should be submitted to globe trekker on your return, to share your experience with other Colony’s who may be looking to go abroad in the future.


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