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National Grid

National Grid encourages young people to learn about energy and the opportunities of becoming the engineers of the future, in a fun and interactive way.

An international electricity and gas company, and the largest utility provider in the UK, National Grid's job is to connect people to the energy they use. They also promote safety and help young people become aware of simple measures they can take to be safe in and around their homes.

Working in partnership with us, National Grid has produced two activity packs – one for Cub Scouts and one for Scouts – to demonstrate ideas and inspire young people about engineering and energy.

Cub Scout’s activity pack – Home Safety Activity Badge

The Home safety activity pack helps Cub Scouts achieve their Home Safety Activity Badge, sponsored by National Grid.

Find out more about the activity pack for Cub Scouts

Scout activity pack – Engineering our energy future

Through a series of 12 fun activities demonstrating engineering basics, this activity pack showcases the exciting possibilities of engineering in finding solutions for our future energy needs.

The activities range from conversion of energy by building catapults to transporting energy via building bridges or how we use energy now and where energy is going to come from in the future. With leader notes explaining the theories and how they apply to each one, activities can be used at a Scout meeting or at Scout camp.

National Grid Engineering Activity Pack


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