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Fundraising Activity Badge - old requirements

To achieve this badge you need to:

  1. Identify and organise a fundraising initiative for one of the following:
    • The Scout Association (where funds will be used to promote and grow Scouting nationally), your local Group or both, if desired.
    • For another UK registered charity of your choice.

  2. Find or come up with a compelling message (a short reason to give) that you can communicate to potential donors about your chosen cause. It must be clear and inspiring in order to raise the most money.

  3. Set a target and a date by which you'll have raised the money. A suggested minimum target is £100.

  4. Write a short report about your fundraising challenge and submit it to your Leader, Troop Forum or Patrol Leaders' Council. This should:
    • Detail the campaign costs versus the amount raised.
    • Give three top tips that could help other fundraisers.


Carry out your fundraising initiative legally and appropriately, making full use of tools available. The fundraising initiative could be any of the following:
Ensure that you collect Gift Aid where applicable and find other ways to maximise the amount raised.


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