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Skydiving is one of the most exciting sports of modern times. Dynamic and colourful, it offers both men and women total mastery of the air and the freedom to make the skies their own.

The majority of skydiving is done for fun. It offers not only the freedom of the sky but unlimited opportunities to meet with friends and enjoy a wide range of social activities. It can also be a highly competitive sport which requires finely-tuned skills, intimate knowledge of the air and perfect body control.

As experience grows many skydivers join display teams, entertaining the public throughout the summer by jumping into fetes, fairs and shows; although the ultimate display was into the Seoul arena at the opening ceremony of the Seoul Olympic Games.

Parachute clubs/centres are spread throughout the UK and range from full-time professional centres to weekend clubs run on a voluntary basis. They offer a variety of standard courses for students and provide facilities for experienced parachutists. Most centres can offer video or stills of your skydive.

Tandem parachuting offers a quick and easy introduction to free-fall using a dual harness system. You are securely attached to an experienced tandem instructor who takes charge of vital functions such as opening the parachute and landing safely. Freed from responsibility, you can relax and enjoy the skydive knowing there is someone more qualified than you who will deal with all the eventualities.

Static line rounds is the most widespread, least expensive and most traditional way of making a first solo jump. In static line parachuting, the parachute opens automatically as soon as you leave the aircraft. The parachute is round with very little forward speed, giving a sensation of complete peace and tranquillity.

How to run/provide parachuting

There are 2 ways of running Parachuting in Scouting. These are:

  1. Scout-led activity - running parachuting yourself or using someone else in Scouting

  2. Externally-led activity - running parachuting using an external provider

Useful links

The National Governing Body for parachuting is:

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