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Even if we don't remember our first time, swimming, and simply being in the water, can be one of the most memorable activities in Scouting!

Whether competing to a high level, or simply splashing about at the beach, swimming can open up a whole world of opportunity, such as scuba diving in Zanzibar, snorkelling in the Whitsunday Islands, surfing some of the best breaks in California, or simply cooling off after a sauna in Finland - and this is just the start.

So what are you waiting for? At least give them the chance!

How to run/provide swimming

There are 2 ways of running Swimming in Scouting. These are:

  1. Scout-led activity - running swimming yourself or using someone else in Scouting

  2. Externally-led activity - running swimming using an external provider

Useful links

The National Governing Body for swimming is: