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Organisation and structure

The responsibility for Scout Network in a County lies with the County Commissioner, working with the County Scout Network Commissioner.

There are essentially two different types of Scout Network.

1. County/Area/Region Scout Networks

In any Scout County (known as Areas in Wales and Regions in Scotland), there are likely to be a number of different Scout Networks. Those Networks that cover the whole geographical area of a Scout County/Area/Region are called County/Area/Region Scout Networks.

In larger counties there may well be several individual Scout Networks within the overall County Scout Network.

These Networks meet separately, have their own Scout Network Leader and Chair but come together with other County/Area/Region Scout Network members to run joint activities on a regular basis.

Where one or more County Scout Networks operate, the County Executive Committee is the parent body that provides the necessary support and resources to run the Scout Network.

It is accountable for the funds, budget, activity permits and safety.

2. District Scout Network

A District Scout Network is one that meets in a Scout District and is supported by the District Executive and a Scout Network Leader.

District Scout Networks are unlike County Scout Networks in that the District Executive Committee is the parent body that supports them.

Moreover, the District Commissioner manages Scout Network Leaders in a District Scout Network.

Districts that wish to host a Scout Network should consider the criteria for establishing a Scout Network.

This criteria also offers a useful guide for County Scout Network Commissioners who are trying to decide the viability of a proposed branch of the County Scout Network.

Criteria for establishing a Scout Network


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