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Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme

The Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme is an internal assessment scheme designed to ensure that all those leading adventurous activities for young people within Scouting have the skills, experience and personal suitability to do so.

The Permit Scheme

Full details of the adventurous activity permit scheme can be found in the factsheets below. This includes factsheets for specific roles such as commissioner and applicant. Activity-specific factsheets and assessment checklists can be found in the A-Z of Activities.

Application form

This application form can be used to apply for a permit for any activity, although there is no requirement to use it if you have other means of making contact with an assessor or booking onto an assessment course. It can be filled in online to be sent as an email attachment to speed up the process if required, or printed off and sent as a hard copy. Details of the different types of permit it is possible to apply for can be found in the factsheet FS120100 Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme.

When making an application it is always useful to include all relevant logged experience. To help with this you can use the blank log books below, or any other versions you may have. Again it is possible to fill these in online and send as email attachments, or print off as hard copies.

Activity permit assessment courses

If you are searching for an assessment for an adventurous activity permit, you can find details of permit assessment courses here.

If you are running an assessment course then please feel free to send us details of your permit assessment course to have it added online.

A Clear Process

A Clear Process is a resource that aims to explain how to access adventurous activities within Scouting and how you could work towards providing more experiences. It’s not a one stop shop for everything you need to know but hopefully it will help you understand the first steps you need to take.

Manager of the Activity Permit Scheme (MAPS)

The manager of the activity permit scheme (MAPS) in each county (or area or region (Scotland)) is a way of identifying who is responsible for the management of the activity permit scheme locally. This will most often fall under the remit of the ACC Activities, but may come under a different role depending on local structures.


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