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Frequently asked questions

How can I get involved?

You can run the same camp/event that you usually run each year, but take on The Big Adventure as an extra theme. The resources available with the Dec/Jan edition of Scouting magazine will help you with the practical side of the adult recruitment element. In addition, free resources through our commercial partners and merchandise available from Scout Shops, can be used to make the most of the event.

Who is The Big Adventure aimed at?

The Big Adventure is primarily aimed at the Beaver, Cub and Scout sections, so resources are aimed at leaders in those Sections, Group Scout Leaders, or anyone running events for those age groups. The emphasis is on recruiting parents, but the idea can work just as well for other adults on the edge of Groups eg other family members, or members of the local community.

Why aren’t Explorers and Network included?

As the focus is getting parents to come and help this is not an appropriate format to use with these age groups – what Explorer is going to invite their Mum on camp with them? The basic premise could be used for Explorers, but would need adapting.

Isn’t this the same as family camps?

No. Family camps are when all parents are invited to come along and experience camp as participants. The Big Adventure is about inviting people to take on an active role in the leadership team and running an event.

What incentive is there for parents to come?

By taking part in The Big Adventure parents have the opportunity to use their skills and try something new while spending quality time with their child. There will also be promotional materials available for you to use to encourage people to get involved and to spread the message.

What incentive is there for me to do this?

You will end up with more adult volunteers in your section. Having different people also introduces variety into an event, and could mean new and different opportunities for the young people involved.

Can I only do this 1 May to 31 August 2011?

The Big Adventure is running 1 May to 31 August 2011, so to be part of the national event yes. However, as a recruitment tool the method can be used at any time. Read more information on adult recruitment.

Do all parents need a CRB check?

All parents helping on The Big Adventure need to complete a criminal records check (CRB) and an Occasional Helper (OH) Form. You should remember to complete these at the earliest opportunity in order to leave enough time for them to be processed.  For more information see the factsheet on criminal records checks.

Is it appropriate for parents to lead activities on the event?

Adults may lead any activity provided they have the appropriate skills and qualifications. Many activities, for example running crafts, wide games or team competitions would be appropriate for any interested adult to run. However, adventurous activities such as walking, climbing or water activities require an adult with an activity permit to lead them. Please refer to the latest edition of Policy, Organisation and Rules for all activity rules.

Do parents have to take the Promise to come on camp?

No, adults do not have to have taken the Promise or wear uniform to come on camp. The minimum requirement is that they have completed an Occasional Helper (OH) Form and criminal records check.

Can parents bring their other children with them?

Parents may bring their other children on camp, however if the children are not members of the Movement provision will need to be made for non-member insurance. Some Counties already have this, but if not it can be purchased easily through Unity. Children of leaders must be included in the adult:child ratio.

When thinking about taking the children of Leaders on camp it is important to make sure everyone agrees on the rules for those children, and who has the authority to enforce them. You should also consider how effective the parent will be as an adult Leader if they have other children with them.

Can the parent helpers transport young people to the event?

Parent Helpers can transport young people if they have been CRB checked and given a copy of the yellow card. There should be more than two people in each car. This could be two young people plus the driver or two adults and one young person.

Any adult asked by someone in Scouting (eg the Section Leader) to help will need to be checked. This includes cases such as where parents are arranging lifts for everyone in a Scout meeting place after they have been asked to do so by a Section Leader.

In order to transport passengers drivers are required by law to have passenger liability insurance. It is likely that this will be included as standard in a car insurance policy, but drivers should double check with their insurer that they have this cover before transporting young people.

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