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Business as usual

Last week was a fairly normal one (whatever that means), if not more of a “Scouting business” oriented one – hence, nothing of much interest to share I’m afraid.

On Monday I spent the day at Gilwell catching up with administration (moaning about the amount to a colleague, they reminded me that I was responsible for much of it – ouch!) and meeting various people working on projects. In the evening we were at BPH for the 2nd of our briefing sessions for facilitators at this weekend’s national conference for lead volunteers across the UK  and youth reps at Daventry. This is a key conference with over 200 of our senior volunteers and staff coming together to reflect on the wide consultation and to  decide what we want Scouting to look like in 2018 and how to respond to the challenges we face now, and in the future. No pressure then to ensure that we have all the jigsaw pieces in place to ensure a good weekend’s work!

A bit of a disappointment on Wednesday evening (although good news for them) since I’m due to be helping my local Scout troop (one of my occasional reality check) for the evening but the leaders have recruited two parents to help and so I’m not now needed when one of them isn’t available.

Thursday and its back to London for another of our “K3” meetings, our first substantive one since Alan’s appointment so we spend 4 hours going over our objectives and work in progress towards achieving them as well as discussing what lies ahead.

Saturday and it’s a day in the North East to join the Regional Commissioner and County Commissioners at one of their regular meetings and a chance to explain what Bear and I are up to and how our respective roles work in practice and what is being done nationally. More importantly, it’s a chance to answer their questions and suggestions and to learn what is happening in the real world.

Also a chance for some good debate about key challenges they are dealing with such as adult recruitment and retention and what more we could be doing to support line managers, particularly when dealing with disputes and complaints. Thankfully relatively small in number, they are nonetheless very time consuming and painful when they arise. Clearly lots more work to be done.

Three hours to kill at Manchester airport on Sunday resulted in several emails pinged off to colleagues with questions. observations and requests (they’ll know I had a few hours to kill) and a chance to write the speech for Monday’s Speakers reception at Westminster – oh, and looking forward to a Sunday at home for the first time since the end of August!

Would welcome any ideas and suggestions you have for how we could assist line managers




By Gavin Holt
on 12/10/2009 20:33

Always nice to read that someone does more mental things than me for Scouting!

Now, who do I petition about having this section called "Wayne's World" as opposed to "Wayne's Blog"

By Matthew Burrell
on 17/10/2009 16:23


Was interested in your last remark about how we can assist line managers

As a fairly new DC my honeymoon period came to an end with a bump last week. I think I have finally made my way round every group and managed to upset them and to top the lot I had a stinking cold.

For the first time I asked the question "why did I ever take this job on?"

I have been thinking about our structure and feel that it does not support line managers for the simple reason we have too many.

The world is now smaller and organisation solutions (like the membership database) make things easier to do.

I believe that my District is too small, but by County is too large. I feel the time may have come to remove the district structure and groups straight into new smaller counties (probably called areas)

I believe this would free up many adult volunteers currently doing great work in Districts that is largely duplicated at county level and create a new more dynamic management structure

It may also reduce the number of vacancies we have throughout our structure which also slows things down.

I don't want much Wayne.... just a complete re-organisation of the movement, if you're in agreement we can perhaps pencil this is for early next year!


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