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So what makes Scouting grow?

We regularly explain why growth is our priority; ensuring all young people have the opportunities to benefit from our life-changing opportunities. This week, Wayne shares some thoughts on what we’ve learnt after seven consecutive years about the keys to achieving this.

Keys to success

Growing Scouting is important; not because of numbers but because we owe it to young people to let them benefit from the differences we try to make to their lives.

After seven consecutive years of growth, we also now have a very good idea of the keys to success – and it won’t surprise you to know that none of these are rocket science or will come as surprise.

We know that Scouting grows where:

  • we recruit, welcome and support sufficient adult volunteers
  • adult volunteers enjoy their Scouting and are effectively trained and supported
  • we have effective line management at Group and District level
  • inspired and motivated section and unit leaders deliver fun, adventurous and balanced programmes
  • the community wishes Scouting to succeed
  • we have effective local public relations/awareness of Scouting and our need for volunteers/help is appreciated
  • we have youth capacity, effective advertising/promotion for youth members and ‘peer group’ recruiting by members
And that we can achieve additional growth by:

  • ensuring all sections are full, including encouraging section leaders to allow higher numbers in sections where appropriate
  • opening new sections within existing Groups
  • linking new remote sections to existing Groups
  • opening new Groups in developing communities eg inner city, rural or deprived areas and minorities or faith groups
I have unpicked many of these in the past and over the course of the next few weeks I'll unpick each of them and share what we are doing to support them nationally and what else we can all be doing. 

As I said, you already know a thing or two about growing yourselves. As we look to 2018 we are not complacent and are looking to consolidate our success but also to explore those potential step changes or game changes I’ve mentioned before.

It would be great to hear of your own experiences of these and how we might build on them too.

In other news last week

I made use of a busy Saturday at Gilwell to drop in on CC's from Greater London Region for a coffee, join 40 young people on their Scouts Speak Up course to learn a thing or two about representing Scouting, before finally hosting a reception for GSL's and District teams involved in our successful GSL project. Off then to Baden Powel House for the Operations Committee meeting on Saturday and Sunday.




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