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Never be too busy to recruit adults

In my blog of 30 January I highlighted the seven key elements we have learned that are key to our continued growth. A display at Oxfordshire’s County Development Conference reminded me of the resources we have available to help, especially with the first step of recruitment; notably the welcome and support of adult volunteers, and also with youth recruitment.

You can also check these out by visiting scouts.org.uk/recruitment. Additional help is also available from the development staff in the Regional Development Staff in England and the Country offices in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Getting parents involved

One of the Regional Development Officers was also telling me of a particular success with a ‘parent’s engagement evening’, run in a local Group with the parents being engaged whilst their children were being entertained with some typical activities. Nothing new you may say, but it worked: five new volunteers were forthcoming that evening alone.

Big gains

I often hear that we are too busy to do recruitment and I fully understand that; but we have growing evidence of how a little effort can derive big benefits in the short term and is something that the GSL and District team can help with.

Why not give it a try and let me know how you get on?