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Development and celebrations

Wayne's week focussed largely on development and celebration (two wholly compatible topics of course!).

Funding development

Over the past few months we have conducted research, through an independent body, on the effectiveness of the grants that we give for development. On Thursday, I met up with Richard Simmons, Chair of the Development Grants Board (DGB) and Carl Hankinson, Chair of the Operations Committee, to discuss the report, and in particular how we can most effectively use the available funding, both nationally and locally, to support our development work.

This is very much work in progress and I will highlight our various discussions on this topic over the coming months.

As always, any observations or thoughts that you have on how we can effectively fund and support development work within the Movement would be greatly appreciated.

Exploring development opportunities

I also met up with Dr William Richardson, Chief Executive of the Headmasters and Headmistresses Conference (representative body for some of the UK's largest independent schools). The idea was to learn more about that sector and in particular how we can support the expansion of Scouting both within their members and also through the facilities that they offer to local communities.

I had a similar meeting recently with the head of the Independent Schools Association; this is part of a wider look at how we can support the development of Scouting in particular areas and communities.


Celebrations featured highly in my week, both from a Scouting and personal perspective. On Tuesday evening, I attended the Guernsey Scouts presentation evening where leaders received recognition for their amazing achievements and the presentation of a Queen's Scout Award reminded us what it is all about.

Those surprise reminders

As always, some of the most striking moments come when you least expect them. While appearing in the local conveyancing court (one day I might try to explain Guernsey's feudal system), Julie and I were stopped by a local lawyer who mentioned that his daughter had recently started in a Scout group following an open meeting that they went along to.

He mentioned how shy his daughter was, finding it difficult to mix, but how amazed they had been at the welcome she received and what a difference it was already making to her. It's one of so many examples of how Scouting really changes lives.

Our own celebrations

At the weekend we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with many friends from the UK and Guernsey and it would of course be remiss of me not to take the opportunity to thank Julie for putting up with me for so long. As always, it was great to meet so many friends as well as to take the opportunity to thank them for their part in various stages of our lives over the past 25-plus years.




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