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Chief Commissioner's blog| The AGM

The Scout Association’s annual general meeting (AGM) was Wayne’s primary focus over the weekend, which provided a great opportunity to celebrate a successful year in Scouting and look ahead to its future.

Down to business

The AGM is like many such meetings across UK Scouting; members of the Scout Council gather and conduct the formal business of the charity while we also ‘make good use of our time’ in a conference session.

The Scout Association’s (TSA) Scout Council comprises at least three representatives – one of whom must be under 25 – for each County, Region (Scotland)) and Area. Those with more than 10,000 members have an extra seat. There are also another one hundred or so ex-officio members involved, eg certain national roles and elected members, often outside of Scouting.

The formal business is fairly mundane except when the Trustee board wishes to change the constitution (rarely). To make the most, however, of the opportunity and as part of our move to include more transparency, we have hosted a question-time session over the past few years allowing members to ask questions of myself, Matt Hyde (Chief Executive) and Alan Craft (Chairman). Questions this year ranged from growth, hosting world events for 18-25 year-olds and our digital strategy.

The afternoon’s conference was focussed on two key elements of our Vision 2018: ensuring we become a Movement ‘shaped by young people in partnership with adults’ and building on our social impact. I’ll unpick each of these over the coming months as we develop further strategic plans to take these ideas forward.

Turning ideas into actions

The first step following the conference was to meet with my team on Saturday evening and Sunday where we shared information from the various work teams around the UK, discussing what’s working and what’s not and developing work streams and actions accordingly. We also discussed output from the conference and developed some exciting ideas to achieve these. Watch this space.

Some amazing tools to help you spread the success

We also premiered two great new videos at the AGM. The first film highlighted some of our successes and is a big ‘thank you’ to our volunteers. We want our volunteers to let us know about any exciting plans they have for the next year in Scouting; tweet your ideas using the hashtag, #scouts2014.

The second film shown at the AGM, Paths, is an amazing and inspiring video that made us proud to be involved in such an incredible movement and showcases everything that Scouting is about. Please share the links at every opportunity. You can also download both films from the Brand Centre.




By john foxwell, DC Ealing and Hanwell
on 18/09/2013 16:15

Wayne, not really into blogs as i'm well past my blogability sell by date. however saw the headline re AGM and as we are doing both our district AGM tonight and county AGM next week thought it worth a quick tug/ding/whatever. My county chair has just advised me that i can't raise a question at the county AGM. I think he's wrong and will say so next week. What do you think.
Hi John, always to comment on a specific when hearing only one side of a viewpoint and not knowing what has led to the particular advice or context. I am generally however a great fan of providing opportunities for open question and answer style forums and have found them to be generally popular.

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