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Building on media success

You will know from my ramblings on my blog post, So what makes Scouting grow?, that one of the keys to success is to ensure that we have effective local public relations and awareness of Scouting and that our need for volunteers is recognised. 

You will also recall my excitement about some pilot projects we have underway testing the benefits of paid-for advertising and other communications. I have to say that the initial information is that while the projects are proving very successful in growing Scouting, it has more to do with the efforts of local volunteers and development staff than the advertising.

Tried and tested

I thought I would update you on another pilot within this area, which I am equally excited by.  We have seen the benefits nationally of the great headlines and media coverage we have achieved over the past few years, however, the reality in the 21st Century is that much greater impact can be achieved through local media such as regional newspapers, television and radio. 

I am delighted therefore that we recently launched the new Local Media Relations Support Team, comprising four local media support staff in addition to the small but highly effective team we have at Gilwell.

The team’s role is to support local media development volunteers to ensure that they have an effective local media plan resulting in increased coverage of positive on-brand stories. We can all help in a variety of ways but the most obvious is that the local media are generally desperate for good quality local coverage, safe in the knowledge that at the end of the day that is what sells their newspapers! 

Doing your bit

Clearly if they don’t know about them then they can’t publish them so the simple message for all of us is to share our stories, either with our media development managers or directly if we feel confident enough and after the training that is available.

Clearly, we get most value out of this coverage when the messages are on brand and so the staff will provide support to assist with the development of this.

I look forward to following the progress of our new team with great interest.




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