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Celebrating success with Kent's Chief Scout Gold award recipients

You can probably tell from the number of posts that it's been a quieter Scouting week for me, but a chance to catch up with some phone calls, planning and of course to join 50 Scouts in Kent along with their families and leaders to present their Chief Scout Gold awards.

The weather driving to and from Margate, Kent on Saturday evening can best be described as awful but it certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the Scouts and their families we met for their presentation evening. Chatting to them it’s easy to see why Scouting in Kent is thriving.

Kent hold two of these presentation evenings a year and they are neatly organised so as to give each of the Scouts and their families a chance to sit down and chat for a few minutes with one of four guests (myself and Julie, the CC and two members of the County Team). Plenty of food and drink meant there was no shortage of things to do whilst waiting and before going into a splendid, modern church for the presentations and a chance to be reminded of their achievements.

Not surprisingly, top of the list of the challenges that the Scouts said they either remembered best, or enjoyed most were the adventurous and outdoor ones. I was also impressed with the number that were already helping with the younger sections and looking forward to becoming Young Leaders.

I was also very interested to learn of a development project, Scout in the Hood, that Kent Scouts are launching in the New Year which will aim to provide a variety of Scout activities to non members aged 10-14 throughout the year. By not making it obvious at the outset that this is “Scouting” they hope to attract young people that might otherwise be put off showing an interest.I’m looking forward to following its success.

If you’ve tried something similar, please do share your experiences.

Also, with few meetings this week, it’s been possible to catch up with some phone calls to colleagues to find out what they are up to and also to call a few people that have written to me complaining about things. So often a telephone conversation is much more constructive than an email or letter exchange which can so often be so negative or misunderstood. Its good to talk as the advert goes.



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