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Chief Commissioner's blog| What's it all for?

Wayne considers the words of the Promise during our Founder’s Day celebrations...

On a couple of occasions over the past few days, as we celebrated our Founder’s birthday and renewed our Promises, I found myself wondering, what it is all for?

As I listened to the last message from our Founder being read out during Derbyshire Scouts’ Founders Day service in the wonderful Derby Cathedral, my mind started wondering and pondering recent events. Happiness, helping others and leaving the world a better place resonated throughout, as did the closing call: to live our whole life in accordance with the Scout Promise.

Many renewed our Promise this weekend, but what do those words really mean to us? Personally, I find it difficult to understand how some people can make such a promise, offering their commitment to our values, while acting in a manner that seems to be at such odds.

Our statement this week and our discrete activity over a long period concerning human rights and the situation in Uganda is one extreme example. But other National Scout Organisations have discriminatory policies not required by the law of their country and indeed, in the case of some, condemned by their political leaders. We continue to challenge those and how the World Organization deals with those too.

But there are also examples closer to home. It’s inevitable with 110,000 adult volunteers that occasionally some will fall out and disagree with each other. Never pleasant and very divisive, but how much better if everybody at least behaved in a way consistent with our Promise?

As part of the Derbyshire celebration, I was privileged to present Queen’s Scout Awards to 13 amazing young adults, celebrating their achievement in attaining our top award, demonstrating such diverse skills as leadership, teamwork, endurance and community service, to name a few. More of this soon.

Above all else, they reaffirmed their commitment to ‘help others and to keep the Scout law’.  It may not always be easy to achieve, especially when faced with adversity, but keep in mind the final words of our Founder: ‘try and leave this world a better place than you found it and you can die happy in feeling that you have done your best’.




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