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It's not the young people you have to worry about, but the adults!

The week started with a chance to catch up with Derek [CEO] over an early breakfast in Guernsey for a change as he was here for a meeting of the Board of Directors of Scout Insurance (Guernsey) Limited (“SIGL”) - we are both directors. Little known, but SIGL, which is wholly owned by TSA, plays a key role in the liability as well as property and equipment programmes that Scout Insurance Services offer. It’s a little complex, but in simple terms we self insure ourselves by paying premiums to SIGL; they in turn invest the money but also place some of the risk in the wider insurance market. The bottom line is that we are able to keep our premiums down for the liability insurance, and offer tailored insurances for local HQs and equipment. Happy to provide more details if anybody is interested.

Of particular interest this time, was a visit from the man who manages our claims. I’ll write in more detail over the Christmas holidays about some of his observations perhaps, but two that struck me as being something we could address was that most claims come from adults doing activities (rather than the young people!) or slipping/falling on Scout properties and that we could mitigate many liabilities by having better terms and conditions when letting our premises. Watch this space for some practical help…….

Tuesday was also a busy Scouting day in London, kicking off with a regular Key 3 meeting with Derek and Alan [Chairman]. Discussed lots of things including reviewing the process for dealing with complaints/disputes, timetable for reviewing the number of frozen staff posts we have and our external relationships amongst many other things. We went straight into a meeting with the Public Affairs team to discuss how we should position Scouting during the forthcoming General Election, encourage young people to engage politicians and also how we can capitalise on the great success of the Stop the Rain Tax campaign.

After a brief stop to catch up with the day job (I do have one still) it was off to dinner with three of my team (the UK Commissioners for Programme and Adult Support and the International Commissioner). Main purpose was to review the current round of Regional Development and Support Days for ACC’s and ADC’s, catch up on their individual areas and to look at the many areas of overlap. It’s also a chance to think a little creatively and on this occasion we had our thinking caps on looking at ways of supporting the work of the Youth Involvement working group I’ve mentioned previously.

Back to Guernsey on Friday morning (after a couple of days in Europe, but on business this time, no Scouting honest) and a chance to catch up with a few questions from EScouts which I had got a few days behind with and looking forward to a quiet weekend at home with the family, and the company Christmas dinner Saturday evening!



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