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Chief Commissioner's blog| So inspiring

Wayne reflects on a truly inspiring group of Scouts, and how he was taken to task over the badges on his uniform, or lack of!

Exceptional people

Every year around St George’s Day we focus celebrations on the achievements of our Queen’s Scouts at Windsor (pictured – courtesy of Nottinghamshire CC,  Matt Rooney); quite rightly as we have an amazing 25% more this year, 657 in total. But there was another group of truly inspirational Scouts of all ages at Windsor this weekend; those whose exceptional acts of courage, bravery and character have been recognised with an award for bravery or meritorious conduct.

67 Scouts were recognised this year. Listening to their stories or reading the citations has to be amongst the most inspiring and humbling experiences imaginable, which included stories of overcoming adversity to help others and brave individuals who saved lives – a truly inspiring group of Scouts.

Taken to task

On Friday evening, we joined West Sussex for their Queen’s Scout celebrations, presenting certificates and recognising their achievements.

Discussion around our table included how we could raise the profile of the Queen’s Scout Award to the level of external recognition the Eagle Scouts in the United States enjoy. We talked about many of the initiatives we have, from ensuring quality and consistency to promoting to business leaders, but one question made me pause...

I was challenged for the fact that I choose not to wear my Queen’s Scout Award badge on my uniform, even although I’m permitted to do so.

You will doubtless know by now I am something of a minimalist on uniform, however, it did strike me that they had a point – I’m certainly proud to have achieved it. Julie isn’t so keen on sewing a badge on each of my five uniform shirts though, and regrettably the Sewing Badge is not one I’m entitled to wear!

The business of Scouting

My weekend of celebrations was wrapped around a day-long meeting of the Operations Committee with some interesting progress on several great initiatives. More about those another day...





By Graham Rothery
on 01/05/2014 15:39

Wayne should wear the QSA badge on his uniform - at our St Georges Day Service I was able to refer to being a Queens Scout and how we have the service at Windsor - showing the youth of today that we are proud of our own youth and what we gained as "Scouts". I also went to the opening of the 9th Burton upon Trent Group this week and a 7 year old new recruit actually asked what the Crown badge was for. So come on Wayne get your sewing kit out and show the badge! It is also why I proudly wear a Gilwell woggle and my Wood badge - I actually use those my mother was presented with in 1963! @burtonscouts.org.uk

By Sue Pearson
on 11/05/2014 10:11

Wayne, to wear your Queen's Scout Award on your uniform would show the young people you also worked hard to gain your Award and further demonstrate; your full understanding of their inspired achievement. By not wearing the badge you could appear be sending out a negative message about the value of our 6-25 programme. Please re-consider and; if you take your uniforms down to the dry cleaners they would be happy to sew the badges on for you - sorted :-)

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