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Chief Commissioner's Blog | If the whole world were a Jamboree

Wayne joins thousands of Scouts at the international camp Norjam and considers how Scouting’s achievements could improve the newspaper headlines.

Behind the headlines

I had a chance to catch up with the newspapers on my flight to the 40th World Scout Conference in Ljubljana. They are dominated by regional conflicts and unrest around the world. I read about record numbers of teenagers self-harming and distrust amongst communities closer to home.

There were a few more positive stories – in particular, the continued appreciation from business leaders and government of the importance of non-formal education in shaping young people’s lives.

Reflecting on the past few weeks

The past few weeks have been really inspiring. I’ve criss-crossed the UK, joining in the fun and adventure of camps and activities from Perthshire to Dorset and across to Norfolk.  But more than that, in our search for a UK Youth Commissioner we are meeting many amazing young adults with so much to offer Scouting and their communities.

More than fun and adventure

At Norjam, where I was lucky enough to dodge Hurricane Bertha’s downpours, I had fun presenting some Chief Scout Awards. It was too early for the Scouts to fully grasp the significance of their achievements, but our awards scheme is the epitome of the non-formal learning being promoted by business leaders and politicians as so important.

Helping others in our communities

During a radio interview at Wings I commented that if the whole world was like a Jamboree it would be a much better place. Simplistic, maybe. A challenge, perhaps, but it strikes me that we have some great models to build on.

Community impact and reflecting our local communities are two of our objectives for our strategy Scouting for All. Our international camps have Scouts and Guides coming together from across the UK and the world. Less experienced leaders are being supported by those who have been involved in Scouting for longer.

Going a little further?

So why not take this a bit further and open up to partner with Groups from other communities, within or outside Scouting? Working together and learning more about each other would surely go a long way to improving some of those newspaper headlines at least.



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