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Chief Commissioner's Blog | The simple things

Wayne starts his new year with a confession...

Getting things right

I must admit, I have just thoroughly enjoyed 20 travel-free days at home in Guernsey over the Christmas and New Year period, with just a light touch on the emails, Scouting and the day job. 

Often, it’s the simple things in life that can be the most rewarding and vital to get right.

Yesterday, at a stopover at Gatwick on the way to Belfast I dropped in on a Dorking District leaders’ meeting, where 50 members (over 80% of the adults in the District) joined us. It was a great opportunity to share not just our Scouting for All plans, but also what lies behind our actions to support local Scouting and the Vision itself.

It was also an opportunity to listen first hand to some of the challenges posed by the introduction of Compass; to bust some of the myths surrounding it and to explain many of the principals that lie behind it.

It was reassuring too to hear from those already using and benefitting from some of the functions (yes, there are increasing numbers of these!).

All-important communication

A recurring theme in many of my engagements continues to be communication; several people have suggested great ideas about this that are in reality already available but of which they are unaware. I am grateful to those of you who have sent ideas following my recent blog on the subject – I’m working my way through them.

From yesterday’s meeting, Dorking District is growing, though frustrations in recruiting adults persist (as it does elsewhere) so it was great to be able to share ideas and experiences that I have learnt from my various engagements across the UK to help them too.

As with my break over the holidays, we will not lose sight of the fact that it is the simple things that so often make a big difference.




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