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Chief Commissioner's Blog | It feels too much like the day job!

I’ve heard a few people comment recently that Scouting is becoming too much like a business, with talk of objectives, strategies, management, KPIs etc. I can see why this might alarm some people, but I’ll explain why it shouldn’t be a cause of panic…

A very different world

The world around us is very different than it was 20/30 years ago; health and safety, safeguarding and people’s expectations to name but three. Additionally, when we analysed the cause of frustrations and barriers to local success a few years ago, we identified that many of these were addressed in areas where we had good local leadership and management – effective GSLs and DCs for example.

As you’ll know, I believe passionately that the success and scale of Scouting is in large part to our volunteer nature, but we can be both volunteers and professionals in the way that we do it.  Volunteering does not have to mean amateur!

A simple fact

I appreciate that some people are concerned at the business speak they feel they hear too much of, but I make no apologies for this.  If we do not understand where we want to get to, how we are going to achieve it and how we are performing along the way, we will never know how best we are using our resources and our time. If we don’t fully grasp what we have set out to do, we are much less likely to satisfy the expectation of local volunteers, parents, key influencers and the wider community. 

Above all else, I assure you that we will never lose sight of the simple fundamental fact behind our success – Scouting succeeds where inspired and motivated leaders deliver fun and exciting programmes for young people.

The vast majority of the work being undertaken centrally is ultimately focussed on supporting Groups and responding to requests and ideas originating locally.  In this way we can reap the benefits of being more professional in the way we do things; retaining the fun and sense of satisfaction that comes from volunteering

Contact me

As always, I’m happy to unpick any individual areas discussed and answer questions; comment on my Facebook page.




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