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Chief Commissioner's Blog | All about behaviours

This week, Wayne reflects on the importance of behaviours, no matter what level you operate on.

Why it’s all about behaviours

Following the AGM, the past weekend provided an opportunity for new Trustees to receive their induction and our respective Senior Teams of Commissioners, Senior Staff Team and Trustees to get together.

As well as a chance to get to know each other and understand our respective roles, this was an opportunity to review progress towards Vision 2018, to consider priorities for 2016/17 and to look further ahead.

The importance of good inductions

Induction is critical whatever your role, whether National or Group Trustee, Assistant Section Leader or Manager.  All too often we take for granted that people know or can work things out for themselves - whether it’s the location of the nearest fire exit or their legal responsibilities. Click here for tips and advice.

It’s not about structures…

Reflecting on a presentation from an external consultant on ‘Effective Trustees and Board’, however, my mind keeps coming back to a slide entitled ‘Hierarchy of Governance Improvement’ which, in short, says that behaviours are much more important than structures themselves in ensuring effectiveness.

I’ve written before about my frustrations at the way we love to debate ‘structures’ rather than right people in right roles because it is easier, so it was great to see this re-enforced externally.

…But behaviours

With this in mind, we spent some time focussing on the behaviours we felt were appropriate amongst Trustees and team members to ensure an effective Board where everybody feels valued and able to contribute.  Interestingly, with each table highlighting their top behaviours, there was considerable consistency:

·      Scout values in an open and honest way (respect, teamwork, support).

·      Energetic, enthused, inclusive.

·      Be Prepared.

·      Challenging and fun.

Behaviours for all

These are clearly behaviours that can equally be applied to any team, from Groups to a national level and Trustee Boards at all levels also.

Just imagine how much more effective and enjoyable your experiences might if these behaviours were ever-present in your teams?



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