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Chief Commissioner's Blog | Scouting and politics!

This week, Wayne talks about the importance of promoting our achievements on the political stage.

Scouting and politics!

The past few weeks have seen us attending a number of the annual political conferences around the UK, taking the opportunity to facilitate engagement of our young people with decision makers and influencers. We’ve focussed especially on both our A Million Hands initiative and engaging directly with key political topics that are important to Scouting, such as the non-formal learning agenda, volunteering policies and social cohesion.

Reaping some benefits

As with many aspects of Scouting, we are presently enjoying the benefits of getting better at this over the past few years:

·      Character education (or non-formal learning) is at the centre of the Secretary of State for Education’s agenda, with Scouting being the most referenced example of good practice.

·      The importance of volunteering features highly and the government made a manifesto commitment with paid leave, something we have lobbied for and wish to see delivered.

·      Scouting is often referenced as a solution for social cohesion/integration by key influencers.

·      We have received more central government funding in recent years than at any other time.

Not just Westminster

We are achieving similar success with our engagements in the devolved nations and increasingly with Local Authorities, most of which see the benefits we bring to their local communities.

Avoiding party politics

Of course we must avoid party politics, but the benefits of promoting our achievements, highlighting the potential we offer and seeking support to maximise these are vitally important for our continued success.  This is also something you can do locally too, from parish councillors to MPs and beyond!

Always great to meet fellow Scouts too

Irrespective of the conference we were at, it was also great to meet many members and former members, whether staff or delegates, who took the time to chat!



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