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1st Molescroft - one example of why our everyday adventure is growing

I came across a great article in the Beverley News about the success of the 1st Molescroft in opening a new Beavery Colony so I dropped the GSL a note to congratulate them and asked her if she had any tips I could share and this is what Kester had to say.

"To give you some background, 1st Molescroft is a huge part of my life & when I became the GSL 18 months ago (after being ACSL & ASL for a combination of 15 years) I set out a list of things I wanted to achieve & shared it with the other leaders - it included things like improving communication with parents, growing the leadership group (both uniformed & helpers) and ultimately re-opening the colony. There were 6 of us (uniformed leaders & adult helpers) 18 months ago, and now there are 14 of us.
I'm a strong believer in success breeding further success. Initially, we concentrated on ensuring that the Cub pack & Scout troop, and our affiliated Explorer unit, were running really well & providing a very varied programme, meaning that the young people saw the group as somewhere they wanted to be. I placed an article in the local paper in Sept 08, which recruited us 2 leaders and 1 helper. I spent time with an Explorer Scout who had been with us since he was invested as an 8 year old cub - he filled in his AA form upon reaching 18, and is now our Beaver Leader. We spent time with parents when the opportunity arose and talked to them about being a leader - we now have a parent who has agreed to become a ABSL (just completed his AA form) and the wife of one of our leaders has become a regular helper as well.
In short, we've put all our efforts into making the group an active, successful, family oriented group. We say to all the parents when the child joins, that we think its the family that joins as well - we give an induction leaflet to all parents on joining. We also have a termly newsletter that goes to everyone as well, sharing our news, successes & aspirations. The leaders, although having their own sectional specialism, take a group approach.
Back in the summer, I set a date to open the colony in Jan - it seemed like a huge step to take, but we had to set a date as otherwise it would just have continued to be something we were talking about. As soon as that was set in stone, everything else just seemed to fall into place.
We're having our first leaders & other halves night out in March - I can't wait!"

Congratulations to Kester and the leaders and supporters of he 1st Molescroft - what  stories do others have to share?





By James Stuttard
on 21/02/2010 21:02

7th Rugby opened a second Beaver Colony and Cub Pack in November, and we've just reported in the Census a 50% rise in numbers over last year!

By Wayne Bulpitt
on 22/02/2010 07:57

Hi James, that's great, well done to the team. Any particular tips on how you found the people to do that?

By James Stuttard
on 22/02/2010 08:40

Invite Parents along to a Beaver sleepover and dazzle them with high quality chocolates and tea. Targeting Adults is the way forward.

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