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What do the water companies say?

United Utilities, Yorkshire Water, Northumbrian Water and Severn Trent are the companies who have already implemented the charge in some way.

If your Scout Group owns your Meeting Place you will most likely be liable for these costs.

In January we wrote to each of the water companies raising our concerns about the new charges and asking them to outline their stance on the issue.

The responses we have received are summarised in the following table. Full responses can be viewed by clicking on each companies name:

Water Company Response
Anglian Water

Split customers into various classes and then charge based on the classification. They have no plans to change their method of charging.
Northumbrian Water

Say surface area charging is being phased in, which started back in April 2006 with the first bills based entirely on the new system issued July-September 2008.

Severn Trent

Severn Trent's current scheme includes capped charges for Scout buildings as part of its Community Premises special case. The water company would be content to continue with this arrangement but have been instructed by Ofwat to remove the special case arrangements. This will happen from 2010.

South West Water

Surface water charges are included within the per cubic metre charge for sewerage. They are currently making plans to move to site area charging but will hold a consultation, give as much notice as possible and bring any increases in gradually.

Southern Water

Use either meter size or other flat fee at present. Have stated that Ofwat need justification for not using site area as basis for charging.  Considering making the change.

Thames Water

Have no plans to change as they currently treat Scout properties as residential. They make no reference to Ofwat.

United Utilities

Explained that part of their license agreement with Ofwat meant that they were obliged to charge in this way.

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water

Pledged to resist any pressure from Ofwat to move to site area charging. Charge is currently included elsewhere.

Wessex Water

Charge a fixed amount based on rateable value or metering. Do not wish to change, but may be forced by Ofwat.

Yorkshire Water

Are already charging by site area, since 2001/02, due to Ofwat guidance.

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