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Scouting's Vision Towards 2018 – The Challenge Ahead

We worked with all members to develop a new vision to ensure that Scouting is available to the next generation of young people. We are committed to making the vision a reality, supporting our adult volunteers and bringing real change to the lives of young people.

This page shares our vision, the strategic plan that will deliver that vision by 2018, and the journey that led to the development of our plan.

Scouting For All, Our 2014 – 2018 Strategy

View Scouting For All microsite

View Scouting For All – Our 2014 – 2018 Strategy document

View Scouting For All - mini strategy booklet

Download and view Scouting For All presentation – for volunteer use locally  

Scouting's Vision Towards 2018

Scouting in 2018 will:

Scouting in 2018 will be:

Members of Scouting in 2018 will feel:

How we developed our vision and strategic plan

A member wide consultation

To help develop the Vision, we asked experts what they thought the world look like in 2018 and how changes in society could affect Scouting.

In regional workshops across the UK we looked at how different generations worked together and how Scouting could develop.

Through a wide variety of events our young people and adults spoke up about the issues that were important to them. You can see the collated feedback in the document Shaping the Future Together. Between October 2010 and March 2011, Scouting's Vision Towards 2018 was shared at District Commissioner and Group Scout Leader forums across the country.

National Conference 2012

Between 24-25 November 2012, Scouting held a National Conference. This was a working conference, with the focus on enabling adults and young people to help develop the plan for the next phase of growing Scouting in the UK.

Member attitudes survey 2014 - Empowered, valued and proud

During summer 2014 members had an opportunity to participate in a survey to help us understand how they feel about their Scouting and share thoughts. The primary aim of this survey is to be able to measure our progress with achieving Vision 2018 and understand how empowered, valued and proud our members feel. The survey also provided an opportunity to track trends in what members find they enjoy most about Scouting and what presents the most challenges to them currently. 

The results of the survey are available to view below. Key findings are now being addressed by work plans and targets within the strategic plan for The Scout Association (2014-2018) to improve members' experiences.

View the summary report

View a map of how proud members are across the UK

View a map of how valued members feel across the UK

View a map of how empowered members feel across the UK

Note: any County/Area/Region coloured mauve on the map had a response rate too low to provide anonymous results.

Asking our young people

 The Be... campaign was launched to harness ideas on how we can be more youth shaped, and ensure young people can inform the strategic plan. A microsite was launched and is live and buzzing with content from young people and their views. In conjunction with the site, a survey for young people (aged 12-25) was set up to allow youth members to contribute directly.

The Be... campaign helped us to find out how young people thought we should deliver on the Vision 2018. Read the full report.


This section will be added to as more resources are developed.

Download the 2018 leaflet explaining the vision in detail.

Download the Shaping the Future Together summary of the feedback that helped shape the vision.

View Scouting For All microsite

View Scouting For All – Our 2014 – 2018 Strategy document

Download and view Scouting For All presentation – for volunteer use locally

View our Scouting for All FAQ (PDF).

We would love to hear more about your Group’s adventures towards 2018 and any queries you might have: email vision2018@scouts.org.uk and let us know.

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