The Scout Association

About our brand

What makes us who we are? Do people recognise Scouting and if so, what do they associate us with?

Our identity is important. It affects how people think and feel about The Scout Association and is largely formed by what we do – offer adventure to young people. But our communications are important too. They need to express the same Scouting behaviours. We are about Everyday Adventure, challenge, fun, friendship; we are values-based, trusted and diverse.

Our corporate identity, made up of words, images,colours and logo elements helps people to recognise and understand Scouting. It also helps reinforce our image as a vibrant, adventurous youth movement committed to enriching the lives of young people and supporting our 100,000 adult volunteers.

'We challenge our members to experience fun, challenge and everyday adventure to help them reach their potential and have a positive impact on society.'