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DofE training

In Scouting we support volunteers delivering and managing the DofE by providing training opportunities that are part of the DofE modular training framework.

The courses currently available are:

We are aiming to provide at least one introduction to the DofE course, one expedition supervisor and one expedition assessor course per English region (for details of training availability in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland please contact the appropriate country office).

The DofE training provided within Scouting is delivered by volunteers who are part of our National DofE Training Scout Active Support Unit. These trainers come with a wealth of experience and knowledge so please make good use of this on your course. The trainers are supported by the DofE Office at the Scouts Headquarters (UKHQ) who will manage the administration and logistical arrangements for the events. More information about this can be found on the 'How to organise a DofE course in your County' web page.

Counties are responsible for organising DofE training courses in partnership with the National DofE training team. Full details to support this process can be found in the County Hosted Course resource.

Check out our DofE course dates.



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