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BeltWhat is the Explorer Belt?

The Explorer Belt is the challenge of a lifetime that is available to Explorer Scouts aged over 16 and members of the Scout Network.

It is a chance to undertake an international expedition over ten days that brings a real understanding of a different country, its people and way of life.

The Explorer Belt is often described as 'the antidote to the package holiday'. It is designed to help young people develop a real understanding of another country by travelling through that country, working as a small team to complete surprise projects, and meeting local people.

To complete the Explorer Belt, an Explorer Scout or member of the Scout Network must:

BeltExplorer Belt Support Material

A series of factsheets have been developed to help Explorer Scout Leaders and Scout Network Members to Plan Explorer Belt Expeditions.They can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

FS452030 - Introduction
Factsheet 1 of 6 - An introduction to the Explorer Belt

FS452031 - Going your Own Way
Factsheet 2 of 6 - Planning a small, locally organised expedition

FS452032 - Organising a Group Expedition
Factsheet 3 of 6 - Leading a District or County Expedition

FS452033 - Project Suggestions
Factsheet 4 of 6 - Explorer Belt Project Ideas

FS452034 - Useful Contacts
Factsheet 5 of 6 - Useful Contacts for those planning an Expedition

FS452035 - The end game
Factsheet 6 of 6 - The presentation and awarding the belt

Sharing Information

When you have completed the Explorer Belt, please take the time to write up a article detailing the experience to share with others

These reports form a valuable resource for Explorer Scout Leaders and Scout Network Members planning an Explorer Belt Expedition. Articles reports can be viewed on the Explorer Scout website .

Please email the article to explorer.belt@scout.org.uk