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Fencing FAQs

Why have you introduced a fencing rule in POR?
Fencing is becoming a more popular activity within Scouting. We have been working alongside British Fencing to make sure that our members can enjoy this activity and get the most out of it whilst still being safe.

Fencing seems like an expensive activity. Is there any help with equipment or training costs?

The Core Coach training course is offered to members of Scouting at the heavily discounted price of £30 per person (normally £240pp) for up to 12 people per course. As part of the course you can get a kit bag for £440 (normally £636).

For more information and further FAQs, please visit British Fencing’s website. 

What does the qualification entitle me to do (and what does it NOT entitle me to do)?

Core Coach entitles the holder to instruct up to 12 youngsters with plastic or metal kit within the parameters of the Core Coach qualification. It does not entitle you to deliver individual lessons or anything beyond the content of the core coach course:

Do I need to do regular training courses/upskilling, or is it just a one off course?
Fencing qualifications do not expire, but you should maintain and ideally improve your delivery. This can be achieved by regularly delivering sessions and taking up development opportunities. If you haven’t delivered for a significant period of time, we would recommend you undertake the course again.

Do I need a British Fencing qualification if I want to run foam fencing?

Whilst there is no specific qualification for foam fencing, a lot of the basic techniques for plastic and also metal sword fencing can be taught with a foam sword. We would recommend that if you are planning on delivering anything beyond taster sessions, you complete your 1 day Core Coach qualification to ensure you are safe, competent and confident in delivering fencing.

Am I insured to run the activity?

As long as you deliver within the parameters of the training provided, once you have passed the course you are covered under the normal Scout insurance for 'Scout led' activities. Your details are held on a separate British Fencing register, which insures you to run sessions for groups such as Girlguiding and other organisations who may require sessions running for them.


Activity instruction which is externally led is covered by the British Fencing National Governing Body certification, provided the coach is fully qualified).

What is the ‘Leadership in Fencing Course’?

The course has been designed to develop young peoples (aged 14+) leadership skills, using fencing as the vehicle to achieve this. The course structure is modular with a flexible delivery model to adjust to the needs of those young leaders involved.  They should undertake an activity after the course to use the skills and qualities developed. By the end of the course the Explorers should:

For more information please visit British Fencing’s website. 

Does fencing count towards any badges?

Beavers - Health and Fitness Activity Badge, Sports Activity Badge

Cubs - Sports Enthusiast Activity Badge

Scouts - Physical Recreation Activity Badge, Master at Arms Activity Badge

Explorers - Physical Recreation Activity Badge,


British Fencing have mapped the Go Fence Bronze Badge to help count towards Scouting badges, as well as achieving the British Fencing Go Fence Bronze Award.

I've got a qualification to run fencing using the plastic kit, can I take things further?

Yes, you would need to enrol onto an Introduction to Fencing course which looks at the individual’s ability to coach the sport in more depth. This course covers technique and technical elements of the sport in more detail. Courses can be found at britishfencing.com/upcoming-courses.

I would like to purchase some plastic fencing kit how do I do this?

If you wish to purchase a kitbag for your Scout group please email virginia.bailey@britishfencing.com. Please be aware that kitbags can take up to 6 weeks to arrive. Kitbags cost a heavily discounted rate of £440.

How do I get in touch with a local fencing club?

British Fencing are currently looking at ways to better connect Scout groups to local fencing clubs. If you would like to find out who your local club is, please email josef.thomas@britishfencing.com.

There is also a club finder (britishfencing.com/activityfinder), however not all fencing clubs are listed.

We want to run this as an externally-led activity (using a British Fencing qualified coach), how can I check if they are qualified?

British Fencing publishes a monthly coach register which indicates the certification level of the individual by weapon. All British Fencing coaches listed have up to date disclosure checks, first aid and safeguarding and child protection certification.
The coaching register can be found at britishfencing.com/accredited-coaches.


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