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Jump Park Guidance (FS120425)

Published September 2018 replacing version April 2017


Jump parks and trampolining centres have been springing up across the UK over the past few years. These commercially run centres have a high rate of incidents and injuries occurring on their premises. In order to support members who wish to participate in these activities with their young people the following guidance has been developed.

Within scouting this activity would fall within the other activities rules, you can find out more by looking at either trampolining or other activities on the A-Z Directory of Activities.


It is important when planning to use these centres that supervision of scout members is properly planned for, taking into consideration the requirements of the centre, the section ratios and also putting into place a supervision plan.

- Remember that the young people are still your responsibility so split your group into smaller manageable groups which leaders can take direct responsibility for supervising.

-Make sure that leaders are close enough to the group to see what they are doing, respond to any incidents and keep managing the behaviour of the group.

- Set some clear ground rules with the group before the activity starts, this can include which areas they are allowed to use, the supervision and also any specifics such as ‘no somersaults’.


Many of these centres will ask for a disclaimer to be signed for each person taking part in the activity. This is something which parents/carers must do and not the leader on behalf of the young people. The parents/carers should have sufficient information along with the disclaimer to make an informed decision to sign it or not. Leaders may only sign disclaimers for their own personal participation and not on behalf of young people within the group.

Unity (Scout Insurance Services) should be notified by the activity organiser before any disclaimers or waivers are signed.


When planning to use one of the centres consider the following to make sure that your group get the most from their session:

- Is the facility adhering to the latest safety standards? Does it have a certificate of compliance to BSI PAS 5000 from an independent accredited inspector?
- Is the park a member of the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP)? From September 2018 all members of the IATP are BSI PAS 5000 compliant. You can check this on the IATP website or by emailing info@indoortrampolineparks.org. Member parks will also display a sticker on their door.
- Is the facility/time of visit age appropriate?
- What links are there from this activity to the programme?
- What supervision are you going to require?
- What is the best time of day, week and year to use the centre?
- Do they provide group discounts, etc.?

Please also take note of the following:

- Is a safety brief provided? All jumpers should receive a safety brief.
- Are the court monitors visible and active at every activity in the park? There should be one court monitor to every 20 bouncers.
- Is the centre clean and well maintained?
- Is the floor padded where you get on and off the activities?
- Does the equipment look in good order? There should be no tears or rips in any of the visible materials.
- Is all the metal work under the trampolines covered with padding?
- Is there a net or similar under the trampoline to stop a child hitting the floor if the trampoline were to break? This should be in place.
- If there is a foam pit does the whole pit bounce when someone lands in it? There should be a trampoline bed under the foam to stop children passing through the foam and hitting the floor.


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