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Home and Hosted Hospitality FAQs

What implication does the ban on home hospitality overseas have on the World Scout Jamboree?

The decision was taken over a year ago to not include home hospitality for UK Contingent members for the next World Scout Jamboree. This decision was made due to the challenges with checking the suitability of host families to acceptable standards and putting in place the correct support structure for young people whilst on these experiences. Scouts Canada, who would be providing the hosting, supported this decision and   also had a preference for group based hospitality due to the same reasons.

The UK Contingent Management Team are working to provide a great hospitality experience for all contingent members through group based hosting arrangement.

Can under 18’s still do the Explorer Belt?

Yes, the Explorer Belt does not require members to undertake home hospitality. Under 18’s won’t be able to stay in private homes (or gardens) during their experiences, this is for their own safety and wellbeing and guidance is available on how to find alternative accommodation. Over 18’s who choose this option can get support from the Home and Hosted Hospitality Guidance

Can under and over 18’s still do a mixed Explorer Belt expedition?

Yes, but when doing this the rules for under 18’s would apply, this includes no use of home hospitality, the requirement for nights away permits etc.

Why is there a detailed process for hosting in the UK?

Through the review of home hospitality it was decided that with appropriate procedures in place Scouts and Guides from abroad would be able to take part in home hospitality within the UK. It was clear that vetting of the adults within the household was only part of the process and that a UK Leader must be satisfied that the young people are safe and happy throughout the visit.

I’ve been doing home hospitality overseas for years with no problems, why do we have to stop now?

Prior to the updates to rules 9.64 and 9.65 in January 2019 home hospitality experiences would not have been compliant with Scouting rules, including ratios, nights away and the child protection policy.

I have a trip planned for 2019 with home hospitality included, what should I do?

If you have home hospitality planned for 2019 and can’t find a suitable alternative please contact safety@scouts.org.uk and we will work with you to find a suitable solution. Home hospitality can’t take place for under 18’s overseas from 8th January 2019 and so alternative arrangements must be made.


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