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Horse riding FAQs

Why do we now need to wear helmets when riding horses?

As part of the 2108 review of horse riding activities it was highlighted that the industry standard for horse riding with young people and novices was to wear a riding helmet, this was proposed to the Operations Committee who supported the change. This shouldn’t cause issues for members as the providers of horse riding already follow this industry standard.

Why is there an exemption for members wearing turbans, when turbans have no protective properties?

Industry practice allows turban wearers to be exempt from wearing helmets. All members would be encouraged to consider the risks of not wearing a helmet.

What happens if my group are planning to go horse riding overseas where helmets aren’t provided as standard?

Our rules apply wherever our members are in the world. As with all activities that require helmets such as climbing, snowsports and cycling, this now also applies to horse riding.

Previously I have used a British Horse Society facility. Can I still use them?

Yes! The British Equestrian Federation are a parent organisation of the British Horse Society, so by using a British Horse Society centre or club you still comply with the rules. The British Equestrian Federation have several member bodies.

Why have the qualifications changed for horse riding?

As part of the 2108 review of horse riding activities it was identified that the previous rules for horse riding only referenced one organisation who deliver horse riding activities. The Scouts then worked with the British Equestrian Federation were the parent body managing all equestrian activities within the UK, they have a range of member organisations who would be suitable for members to undertake horse riding activities with.

Can I use my friend who has horses to run activities for my Scouts?

No, a private owner will not have the appropriate centre or club approval with the British Equestrian Federation, so won’t be able to offer horse riding activities. They could offer support for members wishing to learn about the care of horses.

How do I find a suitable horse riding provider?

The British Equestrian Federation have a facility on their website for finding centres and clubs.

Do I need any permits to run horse riding?

Not for running horse riding, but if being run as a scout led activity then hillwalking permits apply if the activity is going into Terrain 1 or Terrain 2. This is so that the person leading the activity is competent in navigation and other core skills relevant to the environment and if the group had to dismount the leader would be in a position to safely get to help.


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