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Hovercrafting FAQs

Why do we have to wear buoyancy aids for hovercrafting on the land?
The buoyancy aid is used as a impact protection and not as a flotation device when operating over land; this means that thought should be made as to the style of buoyancy aid used for these activities.

Why can’t I use a hovercraft off the coast?
There are challenges with getting appropriate insurance for operating recreational hovercrafts on coastal waters and so the decision was taken to limit members to only operating on inland waters and over the land. This should give enough challenge and a taste of the activity to young people.

What about going on a commercial hovercraft?
Going on a commercial hovercraft is absolutely fine, this would be treated as a form of public transport and so the permit scheme and hovercrafting rules would not apply.

Can I build my own hovercraft?
Yes, groups can build their own hovercraft. The rules designate what craft need to follow the permit scheme and which are too small and so don’t need to.

Why do I need a remote cut off when Scouts are operating on their own?
Our insurance requires this to be in place when solo training is undertaken, this allows the permit holder to remotely stop the hovercraft if necessary.


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