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Lone Working within Scouting (FS120341)

Version 1 – May 2018


There are many incidences where adult volunteers or even young people may be considered to be lone working as part of their scouting activities and these can be defined in two ways:

A scouting activity would be where a member is operating under Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) and would be seen to be representing The Scout Association.

 Some examples of lone working are:

Physically alone:
Alone with people unfamiliar to themselves:


Prior to every activity the member must ensure that it has been approved by the relevant District /County Commissioner (POR 9.2). This is often delegated and can be handled by an informal agreement with the GSL, DESC or DSNC. This agreement could be as simple as the programme for the term being agreed in advance or the years activity training schedule being approved.

As part of the approval process the relevant commissioner or their delegate should be making sure:


InTouch is the system used to manage communications at all Scout activities and events. It is flexible to allow those organising events to implement a system best suited to their particular circumstances.

Whenever any activity, event or meeting is run within Scouting it is a requirement that an InTouch system is put in place (POR 9.3).  This is the case when undertaking a period of lone working and is to ensure:

The procedures put in place to ensure this are likely to vary at different types of events and activity due to the differing circumstances and needs. To facilitate this, InTouch is a process that you must follow to ensure that everyone is clear as to what will be put in place for every Scouting event.


There are many controls you could choose to implement if you are undertaking a period of lone working. The controls that are put in place will vary depending on the nature of the activity that is being undertaken, but there are some common principles and practices that should be considered:


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