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Safety on the agenda

It's important to keep safety on the agenda of meetings at all levels of Scouting. Below is a short guide to the sort of items that might come up in the name of safety.

Some things are shown under one heading, purely as an example, but may also apply to other meetings.

Executive Committee agenda - safety items

Group HQ buildings:

  • Fire safety, assessment and evacuation plan
  • Electrical testing, water testing and gas appliance testing
  • Asbestos management
  • Review of risk assessments

District campsite:

  • Management of safe water source and control of Legionella
  • Gas boilers and cookers and electrical testing
  • Fire safety and asbestos management
  • Maintenance and recording of all plant or machinery
  • Running safe activities, safe equipment and instructors with appropriate permits
  • Emergency procedures
  • Risk assessments for tasks and activities on site

County meeting:

  • Reviewing incidents and accidents around the County
  • Ensuring good provision of training for leaders and managers to encourage safe Scouting
  • Supporting statutory compliance for campsites/premises

Commissioners’ agenda - safety items

District/County events:

  • Risk assessments and control measures
  • Leader in charge/camp chief
  • Activity permits,
  • Nights away permits
  • Age appropriate activities
  • Safe equipment
Prompt reporting of incidents and accidents

Keeping parents informed

Leaders' agenda - safety items

Review of activities since last leaders' meeting

Running an activity:

Being away from the HQ:
  • Road safety
  • Weather conditions
  • Headcounts and registers of young people
  • Transport
Setting up camp:
  • Lifting and moving equipment
  • Gas
Running a camp:
  • InTouch process
  • Knife, axe and saw
  • Food storage and handling

Remember, everything has an element of safety. Sometimes it seems so obvious we forget to mention it to others to whom it may not be so obvious.



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