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Compass updates

Compass has now gone live to the first group of users and many members are already using it effectively to add new members, process disclosure checks and run reports.

Compass launching is a significant milestone, however we do recognise that there are still a number of issues to be resolved. It is very rare for a brand new system to be perfect at launch and we hope that any members who have been invited to register will continue to support us by reporting any issues via the forum on scouts.org.uk/compass.  

We are aware issues have been found with some members' information following migration from the old membership system into Compass. The old system did not have as many controls on data quality and a huge piece of work was undertaken to update data and prepare it for Compass, but we can see that some members’ records have picked up some errors. These may include:

• A role currently held by a member may show as 'closed'
• A role held by a member may be associated with the wrong District
• Some members may have been linked to the wrong section or Group
• Some records may not be visible in Compass because they are associated with a District that has been closed or merged
• Training records may not appear in full

We have analysed the role and location-related issues and identified a solution for addressing many of them. We are prioritising fixing these errors in role and location information for members. We estimate it will take about a week to thoroughly test and implement the solution so thank you for your patience and support while we work to correct these issues.

Fixing this data will have a few important impacts as it will have to overwrite all role and location data currently in Compass. This will overwrite any role or location changes that may have been made to members' records this week and it will mean any sections/Groups/Districts that were closed on the system this week will reappear. It will not affect any new members added since Monday or the personal information on a members' record (eg. address, phone number).

We therefore would like to ask any registered members to stop making any changes to member roles, location and training information until you receive notification from us. Due to this work taking place and to ensure everything is fixed first, there will be a slight delay in fixing the issues with the training data in the system, and also a delay in inviting the next set of roles to register.

The issues described above only affect a few members, and many users are successfully using Compass, however it is important that the correction to the data is made as soon as possible.

Compass will evolve rapidly over the coming weeks and months to deliver the support tools promised. We ask existing users to keep the feedback coming in via the forums on scouts.org.uk/compass and also ask that if you do experience any challenges or have any concerns that you raise them with the Scout Information Centre first so they can be tackled with urgency, in particular if you spot any potential security issues.

As a quick reminder for your own personal information protection, we strongly advise that you do not take screenshots of your registration, or other personal data, and post them on social media sites. If you suspect that someone may be using your account details, please contact the Scout Information Centre immediately.

Currently only Commissioners (District, County, Area and Regional (Scotland)), Appointment Secretaries, Administrators and Secretaries have been invited to register for Compass so support is available to help those roles who have urgent Scouting tasks to complete on Compass.

The rest of the membership will be invited to register during October, focusing on Training roles next. This will be administered via a registration email being sent to each member when it is their time to register with all the instructions required for setting up new login details.

Further support

If you have any questions please check the FAQ/User Guide section of scouts.org.uk/compass, speak to your local Compass Champion, Training Champion, local Administrator or contact the Scout Information Centre on 0845 300 1818/020 8433 7100 or at info.centre@scouts.org.uk.



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