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Sailing FAQs

Are helmets required for sailing activities?

The wearing of helmets for sailing activities is not specified within POR, however this should be clearly identified within the activity risk assessment.  If an external provider requires you to wear them as part of their operating procedures then this must be followed.

Why is there no supervisory permit for yachting?

The activity of yachting requires a competent person to remain on the boat at all times so that they can remain in charge of the activity, therefore a supervisory permit (which would allow for the permit holder to be some distance away) would not be appropriate.

What’s the difference between a keelboat and a yacht?

Yachting refers to sailing boats which have accommodation whereas keelboats have no built in accommodation. Both yachts and keelboats are designed with a keel, daggerboard or centreboard that is designed to just provide stability to the vessel via its weight and a righting mechanism.

Can I run sailing without a permit?

Yes, you can run sailing activities on Class C waters without a permit and could also provide sailing via an external provider without a permit.

Can I run dinghy sailing using a yachting permit?

No, a yachting permit does not assess for the same skills as gaining a dinghy sailing permit. If you wish to run dinghy sailing you must hold a dinghy sailing permit, some skills are transferable and the assessor will be aware of this and take this into consideration as part of the permit assessment.

Can I row my tender out to my yacht with my yachting permit?

If you are rowing young people out to your yacht then this becomes an activity that would require you to have a pulling permit. However, if you are rowing out to your yacht with no young people involved then this does not require a permit.

Can I run swimming off of a yacht or keelboat?

Yes but you must be following the swimming rules for the classification of water you are in. For more information see the how to offer swimming in scouting page here.

What are the requirements for wearing lifejackets or buoyancy aids on board sailing boats?

All members taking part in sailing activities must wear an EC approved buoyancy aid or lifejacket appropriate to the activity, weather conditions, size or the participant. This does not apply when below decks. Further guidance can be found in FS120603 Water Safety (incorporating Lifejackets and Buoyancy Aids).



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