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Scouts of the World Award

Scouts of the World Award

Scouts of the World Award (SOWA) is a Scout Network only award that gives Scout Network members the chance to undertake a project of their choice within the themes of Peace, Environment and Sustainability and take action on their chosen issue.

Through your Scouts of the World Award journey, you’ll develop skills and knowledge that will empower you to undertake a project that will make a sustainable impact on your local, national or international community, while developing your personal skills.

You’ll learn skills including independence, team work, project planning, time management and communication skills, while gaining an understanding for global issues and international relations. You don’t have to go abroad to complete your Scouts of the World Award. Local and national projects are acceptable, as long as all requirements of the award are being met.

Requirements of the award

To take part, you must
Your mentor will be able to offer you guidance throughout your award. 

After your presentation, your Assistant County Commissioner (Scout Network) (ACC(SN)) will confirm that the award has been completed and notify HQ via this completion form.

Scouts of the World Award minimum standards and criteria

The outcome of SOWA for the participant is

Discovery (14 hours)

Voluntary project (80 hours)

Presentation, evaluation and personal reflection (three hours)

  • Can I see the connection back to the global context I learnt about at the Discovery Weekend?
  • How is my project sustainable? If it is not, what could I do to ensure it is?
  • What challenges did I face and how did I overcome these?
  • What skills have I gained from achieving this award?
  • What does it mean to be an active global citizen?

Additional information

Award standards
The Scouts of the World Award is based on personal best effort rather than fixed standards, and should be available to all members of Scout Network. This may mean that for some individuals, the requirements of the award need to be adapted to ensure that they face the same degree of challenge as other participants. Where additional needs have to be taken into account, it is acceptable to adjust some of the activities to make them more accessible. You should work with your mentor to discuss any adaptations, and make sure that any adaptations have been approved by the ACC (SN) who will sign off your award. As every set of individual circumstances will be different, it is left to the discretion of the ACC (SN).

The award must be completed by your 25th birthday and cannot be started before your 18th birthday. Within that, there are no fixed timescales.
The number of hours specified above for the Discovery, Voluntary Project and Evaluation does not need to be completed in one go. For example, you may choose to do a voluntary project for one hour a week over 80 weeks.

Links to other awards

Subject to approval, completing your SOWA may also count towards other awards including:

Guidance for Mentors

To become a Mentor to support Scout Network members through their SOWA projects please email sowa@scouts.org.uk

The following resources are available to help you in this support role:

Upcoming Discoveries

Northern Ireland SOWA Discovery
Date: 22 January to 24 January 2021
Location: Crawfordsburn Scout Centre, Co Down, BT19 1JT.
Cost: £30
Capacity: 12 places
For more information, contact NI Commissioner David Scott at network@scoutsni.org


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