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Suggested themes

These are lists of themes to help you plan events like St George's Day celebrations, Scouts' Owns, and Founder's Day celebrations.

Use them to give you ideas for readings, songs, and activities to use in the event.

Honour: Knights of old, chivalry

Doing your best: taking part, overcoming challenges

Helping others: elderly, emergency services, responding to global disasters

Self respect: true to yourself, healthy relationships

Respect for others:  being open and appreciative of difference, created equal

Courage: heroes eg. firefighters, Suffragettes or sporting, against the odds

Family: jamborees, local/ national/ global community, different families

Friends: thinking of others, welcomes

Peace and reconciliation: remembrance, world affairs, conflict, recovery

Environment: conservation, recycling , appreciating world around us

Loyalty: sticking together, trust

Duty: parliament, rights and responsibilities, justice

Resources for readings 

Creative Proverbs from around the world

Offering thousands of proverbs from over 300 countries and cultures.

Inspiration Stories

Short inspirational and motivational ranging on a broad range of themes.

World Prayers 

Archive of prayers attempting to be representative of all world faiths and spiritual practices without preference to any one.


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