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Creative Challenge - Old Requirements

Creative Challenge - Old Requirements

There is a resource pack to support Leaders to run the badge with their Cubs.

For this award, Cub Scouts should complete three of the following:

  1. Create and then read or perform a prayer, reading or sketch for a service, about the Promise. This should include why the Promise is important to them or how they have used the Promise to help other people. This could be done individually or in a small group.

  2. Plan and perform a musical performance, play or sketch.

  3. Create two new games for the Pack.

  4. Design and make something, for example, a bird house, model or kite.

  5. Create something using information technology, for example a birthday card, party invitation, or poster.

  6. Make a creative presentation about an aspect of Cub Scouting. This could be in the form of a video, photos or posters. It could show the activities you enjoy doing, a Cub camp, or be used for recruiting new members.

  7. Write a poem or short story on a subject of your choice.

  8. Design and make something using pioneering skills, this could be a raft or a scaled down model of a bridge.

  9. Take part in a problem-solving activity that requires creative thinking. This could be an incident hike or a code-breaking activity at camp.


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