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Responsibilities for review

Formal reviews must be carried out for every adult in Scouting every five years. However, it is good practice to carry out an informal review of progress on an annual basis.

Reviews will normally be carried out by the line managers – see Table 1 of POR: The Appointment Process if you are unsure of who the line manager is for a specific role.

The Formal Review Process – Step by Step

1) Six months before the appointment is due to expire, the Appointments Secretary will send the line manager an Appointments Review Form (AR).

2) Three months before the appointment is due to expire; the Appointments Secretary will inform the adult volunteer of their upcoming review.

3) In adequate time before the review, the line manager and adult volunteer who is being reviewed should arrange a date, time and location for the review meeting to be held.

4) After the review meeting has been completed, the line manager will complete and return the Appointments Review Form (AR) to the Appointment Secretary. The Appointments Advisory Committee will consider the outcome recommended by the line manager. 

Appointment review form (AR) (PDF)


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