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Media Development Manager role description

The role description for Media Development Manager can form the basis of any role that is agreed by a District County or Area Commissioner

Job description


Media Development Manager

Responsible to:

District Commissioner
County/Area Commissioner
(Choose as appropriate)

Functional relationships:  

Members of the Movement
HQ Media Relations Team


Media press
Media broadcast
Media web
Members of the public

Job summary:

To improve the public image of Scouting by providing information and facts about Scouting to appropriate media contacts

Main activities:

To develop brand awareness so that the Scout Brand is integral to all media work generated across the Scout County

To work with Young people and make sure that they are actively involved in media work and are managed and supported. The voice of a young person should be present in more that 50% of coverage

To seek out and identify local good news stories happening in Scouting and to promote these to the local media such as those listed here

To regularly promote the image of a modern Scouting organisation to media groups via local awareness campaigns

To develop a 12 month rolling media plan and deliver and review against it

To attend training days and develop media skills

To liase with HQ media relations team on a regular basis, giving updates on coverage and asking for any assistance required

To monitor local media coverage and share success stories

To encourage Scout Groups and Districts to appoint a person to promote Scouting and to work in conjunction with them to promote Scouting

Share good practice

Person specification

Skills required

Knowledge required

Qualities required

E = Essential     D = Desirable


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