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Adventurous activities for Beaver Scouts

Don’t worry about running adventurous activities for Beavers alone; there are many people locally at District and County/Area/Regional (Scotland) level who can help. There are also local Scout campsites and national Scout Activity Centres that can provide these activities.

All activities must be done in accordance with the most recent edition of Policy, Organisation and Rules. As with any activity you run with your Beavers, you will need to complete a risk assessment.

There are some activities that Beavers can’t take part in; this can be because centres do not have the equipment for young people of Beaver age or where the national governing body for the activity restrict the age of participants (an example of the latter is scuba diving).

Great Beaver activities!

Revolving walls

These walls are not far from the ground and there’s no need to wear a harness. You will usually find these walls at activity centres but you can also hire them and get them delivered to your Scout meeting place for the evening.

Wheely nights and challenges
These are a good way of introducing cycling to Beavers. Get them to bring their own bikes (or scooters and roller skates) and helmets, and set up a small course around your meeting place, at your local campsite or in the local park. These activities are great for developing the confidence and coordination of any young person.

Bellboats are very stable and up to 12 young people can take part in one boat. Bellboating lets your Beavers try a paddle sport, whilst limiting the likelihood of them ending up in the water. If you have more young people or want to take more adults you can use two boats at the same time, allowing races (and the occasional water fight!).

Make sure your chosen provider has bows that are small enough to allow Beavers to take part safely. Top tip: Beavers like the idea of being Robin Hood, so this activity can be fitted into themed evenings and sleepovers.

Building a small raft to pull a soft toy along a stream is a great way of getting Beavers to understand the concepts of raft building without the risk of getting wet.

Grass sledging
All the fun of snow sports without the snow! All you need is a slope and some grass sledges. 


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