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Partnership agreements

A partnership agreement is a simple written agreement between an Explorer Scout Unit, the District and the partner of the Explorer Scout Unit. It has four main tasks:

1. To outline the links between the Explorer Scout Unit and its partner

2. To outline the liaison between the Explorer Scout Unit and its partner

3. What equipment, facilities and resources (including financial) are to be provided

4. When the partnership agreement should be reviewed.

A partnership agreement should be completed whenever there is a long-term link between an explorer scout unit and a scout group or other scouting entity (such as a campsite or scout activity centre).

A Partnership Agreement is not a legal agreement but a simple document outlining the broad agreement between an Explorer Scout Unit and its Partner. It is open to review and alteration by mutual consent.

A Partnership Agreement may not be set up with an organisation not affiliated to the Scout Association.

Who should complete the Partnership Agreement?

As the Scout District is responsible for the provision of a balanced programme for Explorer Scouts and also the opening and closure of Explorer Scout Unit, it is usually the District, the Explorer Scout Unit and the Partner who jointly complete the Partnership Agreement.

In practice this will usually mean that the following people will meet to agree the details:

Common sense should be used if the above examples are not appropriate to the specific local circumstances.

The five easy stages to completing a Partnership Agreement.

Stage 1 - The Introduction

This section outlines:

Stage 2 - The Liaison

This section outlines the committee meetings that members of the Explorer Scout Unit may attend and who can attend them (for example the Explorer Scout Leader and an Explorer Scout may be invited to Group Executive Meetings).

This section of the agreement should also outline any additional meeting between Leaders and/or managers that should take place and the frequency of those meetings.

Stage 3 - The Links

This is mostly appropriate for Units that are in partnership with a Scout Group. It outlines the 'links' between the Scout Troop and Explorer Scout Unit and how those 'links' will be maintained.

The usual linking procedure can be found in Unit Essentials and this should be followed where possible.

This section should be adapted to meet local circumstances.

Stage 4 - Facilities and Resources

This section outlines:

Stage 5 - The Review

As with all agreements it is important that they are reviewed on a regular basis. The Partnership Agreement must be reviewed at least annually and whenever any of the signatories to the Agreement changes.

This will ensure that all key parties to the Partnership Agreement are happy with the details and have a clear understanding of the relationship between the Unit, District and Partner.

Within this process you must consider GDPR statements to make it clear what data you are collecting, the reason you are collecting it, who will have access to it, who you will transfer it to and how long you will retain the data for.  For more information please visit the website here.

Partnership Agreements - worked examples and templates (FS103012) - (PDF)


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