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FAQs - First Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

In answer to some of your questions:

Firstly make sure you have the most up to date edition of the Factsheet: FS310547 First Response: Definition and Equivalents .

What qualifications do I need to be a trainer of First Response?

In order to run a First Response course you must either be

An externally qualified First Aid trainer


Hold both a Full First Aid qualification and The Scout Association qualifications for Presenting and Facilitating (either the Presenting and Facilitating Competencies or Modules 28 Presenting and 29 Facilitating).

Alternatively, two people one of which holds the First Aid qualification and the other who has the training qualifications, can run the course.

In order to run First Response you will need to purchase the Trainers Notes and Participants Course Book (each participant will need a copy of this. The book contains notes based on the training and a certificate, which should be signed by the trainer to confirm that they have reached the required standard).

What is classed as a full First Aid qualification?

The definition is as follows:

1. Nationally set by a reputable body (NYA, British Canoeing, St John Ambulance, MLTB, HSE, etc.)

2. Involve training of at least 16 hours duration.

3. The qualification would be examined or assessed (rather than being based upon attendance).

4. At least some part of the assessment would be carried out by a doctor, health professional, recognised (St John, HSE etc.) first aid examiner etc.

5. Would be valid for no longer than 3 years.

6. Cover the following topic areas in some detail:

Principles of First Aid

Initial response to First Aid situation

Emergency Life Support (DRAB)


Causes and treatment of unconsciousness

Bleeding (major and minor)

Heat exhaustion, heat-stroke and hypothermia

Burns and Scalds

Fractures and soft tissue injuries

What shall I put in my First Aid Kit?

Download the factsheet FS140048:First Aid Kits and Accident Books for more information


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