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Delivering the Modules

Module A

Module A must be completed by a young person within three months of joining the Young Leaders’ Unit. In order to meet this requirement, the Unit Leader may need to consider different methods to deliver the module.

They could:

Module K

Various external first aid qualifications exist, as well as the First Response course, which is a familiar standard within the Movement. Explorer Scouts may have already achieved stage four and five of the Emergency Aid Staged Activity Award. In these cases, this module is already completed.

First aid training is normally delivered outside of the framework for the completion of the rest of the modules. A variety of courses are available, and the use of outside agencies to deliver the training is encouraged. Attendance at lifesaving courses is also encouraged. A number of organisations provide suitable courses, for example, the Royal Life Saving Society.

Modules B to I

These modules can be delivered in virtually any order – there is no need to offer them alphabetically. The only restriction is that Module H can only be delivered after a young person has participated in Module G.

How long does it take to complete each module?

Each of the modules is designed to take between 60 and 120 minutes to complete. There are various ways to deliver them. You could:
Running the training over a series of weeks or months gives the Young Leader the greatest flexibility in choosing which modules to cover first. However, Young Leaders may be more inclined to participate if training is just one element of an activity weekend or Young Leaders’ Day. Leaders should consider the needs of their Young Leaders when organising training.

The table below shows some options of delivery methods:

Evening sessions

• Training seems to be shorter.

• Perceived as less commitment.

• The programme can be planned and advertised in advance.

• Young people are likely to be able to commit to one night a month.

• The training can be completed within one year.

Training days

• Several modules can be completed at once.

• The modules chosen can be themed around a specific area of leadership or Scouting.

• Only one venue needs to be found for one day.

• Facilitators could deliver more than one module, if appropriate.

• Opportunity to practise new skills during the day.

Training weekends


• Allows a significant amount of training to happen in the course of one event.

• These can be linked with other Districts and costs shared.

• Young people get to know other Young Leaders in the area and share ideas.

• Over the course of a weekend, more facilitators are likely to be available.

• It can be paired up as a social event for young people too.

• Opportunity to practise new skills throughout the course of the weekend.



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